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Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019

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best social media tools

If you're looking for the top social media marketing tools to help you grow your following, influence, and traffic, in 2019, then pay close attention!

Gone are the days when families sit around the television to watch family soaps or wait expectantly for the Newspaper’s delivery boy. 

Yes, the world has gone smart, thanks to the internet.

​Nowadays, it​'s unwise to focus a large percentage of your marketing ​budget on conventional media, because your target audience has ​likely moved on from such old school platforms. 

Today, the best place to g​rab the attention of your potential clients and customers is through social media. No one can deny the fact that social media has become an important platform ​for brands to promote themselves to prospective customers.

Your ability to effectively leverage the use of social media to your business’ advantage will only result in thousands of visitors and clicks on your website.

social media profile usage stats

According to a report, ​almost 80% of the United States’ population is present and active on at least one social media platform.

This report also revealed that more than 70% of satisfied customers are more likely to share their experience on social media and advocate for the brand to others.

So, what does this mean exactly?

No business can really survive for long without a significant investment in social media marketing.

No doubt, it can be a bit overwhelming to manage your online marketing campaign and all social media accounts manually.

Therefore, I always recommend using social media marketing tools to brand managers and business owners.

With these tools, you don’t have to do the hard work yourself. All you need is to set everything in motion and leave the rest for the marketing tools to handle.  This is HUGE, because it will literally save you hours upon hours of managing your social media profiles.

In this blog post, I will share my list of the top 15 social media marketing tools for 2019 that will help ensure you to have an effective and successful brand growth, both online and offline.  Let’s g​et right into exploring these powerful social media tools, shall we?


1.    Hootsuite

No doubt, this is one of the most popular social media management tools out there, and is ranked high on my list of favorite tools.

Hootsuite is a tool designed to help companies manage their entire social media accounts from a single source. It makes it simple to schedule, manage, and monitor your contents’ performance on various social media platforms.

You can monitor your brand’s mentions and decide on specific keywords to track. Hootsuite makes it seamless to find new ideas, publish them, and measure how well they perform. You can easily incorporate numerous apps into the platform to create a more effective social media marketing campaign.

With Hootsuite, you can schedule hundreds of posts at a go, which helps to maximize a prominent social media presence. If you are just starting out, I strongly recommend Hootsuite because of its ease of use and effectiveness.

2.    Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another popular and very effective social media marketing tool. It is designed to help you discover, build and ‘deepen real connections’ with your target audience.

Sprout Social is a great tool to enhance the effectiveness of communication of your brand through social media. It offers everything you need to control your social media presence efficiently.

It also offers social CRM as well as an all-inclusive social inbox that allows you to manage your messages. Sprout Social is highly beneficial if you want to integrate social media customer service into your online presence.

The platform allows you to schedule, draft posts, and publish; and you can also monitor keywords and profiles to keep track of the important aspects of your business.

3.    Buffer 

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer is also another popular social media marketing tool being used by brands across the world. It is designed to help users schedule and publish contents.

The user interface is quite simple, which makes it easy to schedule your content without any issue. Additionally, you can load your posts in the “Queue” and they will be posted automatically at the right time.

By this, you can automate your scheduling to make sure that posts are uploaded at the ideal time as arranged in your setting. Buffer makes it very fast to post on social networking sites through scheduling.​

It also makes it possible to review your posts and make it better. You may add up to 25 team members to work on the same account.

4.    SocialBakers 

Now, if you are looking for a social media marketing tool that makes working smart a priority, SocialBakers is the tool to go for.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI), it is easy to gain insight into your audience’s behavior. With this tool, you can easily engage and build your customer base.

SocialBakers offers you the platform to learn and understand your audience, and you can personalize contents that will appeal to them through insights into what they really want to see. 

The tool also generates a report on your real-time social media performance within seconds. If you really want to know more about what your audience wants in 2019, you should consider exploring SocialBakers.

5.    Lithium 

This is another effective social media marketing tool. Lithium is designed to help you connect more effectively with your customers.

In addition to helping automate posts across different platforms, Lithium also helps to monitor conversations around a brand. With this tool, you can learn about the conversation going on about your brand and you can join in and engage with your customers and prospects efficiently.

Lithium helps you manage your content, conversations, and media campaign from a single source. It also makes brand engagement across all social media platforms, mobile apps, communities, and websites very seamless.

6.    CoSchedule 

coschedule social maedia marketing tool

Recognized as the number one marketing calendar, this tool offers you a single fused dashboard where you can track all your marketing efforts.

CoSchedule enables you to share your calendar with other team members for a well-coordinated and effective marketing campaign.

You can combine all your social media posts, blog posts, email marketing, and project meetings, among others, into the single CoSchedule dashboard. Currently, there are over seven thousand teams using this tool, and it is now one of the top alternatives to tracking your scheduled posts, marketing goals, and deadlines.

7.    Sprinklr 

sprinklr logo

This is a 4-in-one social media marketing tool designed to help with your social engagement, social advertising, customer care, and social advocacy.

Sprinklr offers you the platform to track your audience engagement, measure sentiments, track market trends, and monitor your competitors.

Thanks to Sprinklr Insights, you can get insight metrics from various channels on the effectiveness of your posts and the Return on your Investment. The platform also enables you to join and respond to conversations about your brand over multiple platforms online.​​

8.    Tagboard 

tagboard logo

Tagboard is an excellent tool for aggregating data from the foremost social media platforms into consequential forms that you can display or embed on multiple channels.

There is the Tagboard Live tool also, which enables you to view your post real-time on a screen. It offers tools and layouts that will help customize each display.

Suffice to mention that Tagboard utilizes hashtags for searching and collecting social media insights from the public within seconds of a post.

The tool is also designed for social advertising, social media integration, and for generating real-time notifications. 

9.    SocialOomph 

socialoomph logo

SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool with numerous features designed to help you perform multiple tasks.

There are many internet marketers leveraging this tool to enhance the productivity of their brand and drive effectiveness to achieve ROI.

You can use SocialOomph to manage your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook contents from a single source.  By this, you can schedule your LinkedIn shares, tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts without any hiccup.

10.    Post Planner 

postplanner logo

Post Planner is designed to help brand marketers search, find, and share consistent contents in order to achieve predictable and significant outcomes on social media.

This tool is highly effective in finding and sharing brand relevant contents at a click. Additionally, the tool offers rating insights about your post, so you can easily check your post ratings before you actually post it.

Post Planner also enables you to arrange your social media feeds into categories.

11.    Sendible 

sendible logo

Agencies that manage social media marketing for multiple clients will find Sendible extremely useful. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top social media marketing tools used among agencies.

It is designed to enable businesses manage their social media marketing in a more effective manner to better gain more insight into their ROI. The tool offers you the platform to evaluate the productivity of your email campaign and social media accounts.

It also allows you to generate social media reports within minutes with predesigned templates. 

12.    Tailwind 

tailwind app logo

This is deemed the best social media marketing tool by many marketers and business owners, because it can really help you grow traffic incredibly fast to any website or property, no matter what niche you're in.  

Tailwind is highly beneficial to visual marketers who manage visual-driven platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. It allows you to find content, monitor conversations, schedule posts, analyze results, and strengthen your reach.

Tailwind helps you focus on your core target and gives you the insights you need to reach more of your real target by using best hashtags on Instagram. It is important to mention that Tailwind is an excellent choice for both large enterprises and small businesses. 

13.    SocialFlow  

socialflow logo

SocialFlow allows you to engage your target audience in real time. You can schedule posts to fit the time when your target is active online.

All you need do is to upload contents in the queue and it will post them automatically at the appropriate time. The tool also offers you trendy advertising opportunities, which enlarge your reach over and beyond your current audiences.

SocialFlow also enables you to understand the dynamism of the pace of changes in the interest of your customers, so you can leverage your social content to optimize the traffic and engagement on your platform. 

14.    Followerwonk 

followerwonk logo

If your focus is on Twitter marketing, then Followerwonk is an excellent tool to use.

Followerwonk is designed to help you search and connect with your core target with the aim to grow your brand on Twitter. It is also capable to compare Twitter accounts to identify similarities and discover new influencers.

The tool also helps you evaluate your Twitter audience and suggest individuals to follow. This will help to effectively grow your follower base. 

15.    Oktopost 

oktopost logo

Oktopost is designed to help B2B organizations manage, measure, and monitor their social media accounts in relation to their marketing activities.

Oktopost is the only marketing tool exclusively designed for B2B organizations. With this marketing gem, you can easily get detailed reports and analytics that will help you track and manage conversations about your business on social media.

It also offers content curation feature, which allows you to post better contents and connect with your target audience. 

Which Social Media Marketing Tools Should You Choose?

With the right tools, social media marketing can be an absolute breeze. It is important to note that there is no one social media marketing tool that will work for everybody.

It really all depends on your specific marketing strategies, and what you hope to achieve in your business.  Spend some time, and get more familiar with the different features and benefits each tool in the list has to offer.  ​Then start working on a plan to maximize your social media marketing.

Which tools are you currently using?  If you feel like I left out another social marketing software or tool that should be on this list, please take a minute to share it below in the comments!

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