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15 Best Competitor Research Tools for 2019

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​Smart ​digital entrepreneurs are using advanced competitor analysis tools to learn from their competitors' mistakes​, as well as their achievements.  Knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of your competition will provide you with​ a sound foundation to base your best competition analyis strategy on. 

Proper competition analysis helps you to ​gain insight into your competitors' actual business strategies, in real time.  By doing so, you can easily find out what is working for them and what isn’t.  Pretty simple right?

Leveling the Playing Field...

​This is particularly helpful in outlining your content creation strategies and for link building.  This will help you to compete on a level playing field, or even eventually overtake them by developing your inbound marketing, which in turn, results in increased traffic and leads for your business. 

Ethically "Spying" on big players in your industry can be a very powerful thing.  Just don't abuse it, which should go without saying!  ​

​Here are ​15 of the best competitor research and analysis tools ​to help you gain a competitive edge over your competition:

Alexa is a great competitor research tool that allows you to get in-depth knowledge about your competitor’s performance. It gives you a complete breakdown regarding your competitors' activities including average page loading time, number of pages linked to their websites, ​search data, and keyword insights.  

Alexa ​segments traffic into four channels; ​social media, direct traffic, organic searches, and links. This allows you to see which channels that are the most (and least) successful for each company.

Moreover, the Audience Overlap tool prepares a list of your competitors and clearly indicates where you stand among them. This tool is particularly helpful for new brands that have not yet identified their competition.

SEMRush is surely one of the best SEO competitor analysis tools which you can use to spy on your competitors. It is a complete package as it allows you to research top-rated keywords and monitor business growth thus providing you with a competitive edge while planning your content marketing strategy.

This comprehensive competitor analysis tool goes one step further as it not only compares website traffic but also provides a complete analysis of your competitors’ performing content, backlink profile, and the keywords that they are ranking for. Moreover, it follows your competitors’ online reputation by tacking smart mentions.  Plus, You can also try it out for 7 days here.  

ahrefs SEO software

An excellent tool for ​auditing your website, ​as well as thorough site analysis on multiple SEO parameters, Ahref helps to enhance content and boost organic your traffic. It provides detailed backlink analysis which is updated daily.  Moreover, this tool has a keyword research feature that allows you to track your competitors’ performance on different keywords thus allowing you to identify keywords that you can and should target.  It is also considered by many to be one of the absolute best competition analysis tools out there.

This tool also sends you customized email notifications which alert you when someone mentions the same keywords that you are following, or when you gain (or lose) a backlink to your website.  With a database of 192 billion pages, Ahrefs has the largest index of backlinks on the internet.   They also offer a 7-day trial.

A large number of marketing giants use Brand24 to monitor their competitors as well as their own mentions on the web while gaining valuable customer insight. This tool lets you know when and where people are talking about your competitors.

You can check on people’s sentiment to find out if they are satisfied with their experience with your competitors’ brands and analyze the quality of their feedback. This will help you see the area where your competitor is having problems so that you can rectify if you are making the same mistake. You can also find out what the influencers are saying about your competition and decide whether you can sway them in your favor.

A very useful tool, Brand24 allows you to get social insights and measure the buzz around brands thus helping you spot sales opportunities for your brand. They even offer a 14-day free trial!

Another comprehensive competitor analysis tool, iSpionage contains more than 22 million keywords thus making it easier for you to identify your competitors’ profitable keywords, analyzes their landing pages, and even highlights their best-performing ad copy.  It shows the SEO, and Pay-Per-Click strategies of your competitors by identifying their Google Ads, and shares their lists of keywords so that you can browse through and find the ones that you find most efficient. 

iSpionage also sends you notifications about any found data.   This tool not only helps you identify new competitors and educates you about their PPC strategies; it can also provide seven years of SEO and PPC data for you and your competitors. Moreover, it can also help you find trendy keywords for your own PPC and SEO campaigns.  Very powerful indeed!  Their pricing is pretty affordable as well.  

WooRank is a competitor research and SEO analysis tool that helps you highlight the keywords that your competitors are using and identify the keywords that you can target. This tool allows you to compare five websites simultaneously.

Moreover, this tool provides in-depth reviews on your competitors’ weaknesses thus making it easier for you to identify the content issues and technical problems that need to be addressed to improve your performance. It also allows you to monitor KPI (Key performance indicators) and perform a complete site audit.

An all-in-one SEO platform, Serpstat is a growth hacking tool for PPC, SEO, and content marketing. It allows you to conduct backlink analysis, track your position in the SERPS, perform a site audit, and do keyword research.

One of the most cost-effective competitor analysis tools, it provides large amounts of data on various SEO aspects. This tool has a tree view feature that provides a comprehensive picture of competitors’ websites. You can also find out what pages rank for which keyword.
The URL analysis feature of this research tool allows you to identify competitors for each category page of your website while the batch analysis feature makes it possible for you to compare almost 200 domains for various metrics such as keywords.  

SpyFu is a competitor research tool that provides you with a complete map to your competitors’ digital marketing campaign. You can find out everything related to your competitors’ strategy including the most profitable keyword phrases purchased on Google's Ad platform (Formerly AdWords).

This ensures an edge over your competitors​, which allows you to stay ahead of the trends and creat​e the most relevant up-to-date content.  It can be expensive, but its also considered to be one of the best cometition analysis tools that are used by digital marketers.

SEO ​Rambler from ​Canonicalized is a great keyword research tool as it allows you to compare your site against ten of your top competitors. You can choose a keyword, and this tool will tell you how optimized the page from your website is for that particular keyword. Moreover, it also compares your SEO optimization with that of your top ten competitors from your niche.    

SEO Rambler analyses your website for metrics such as readability ease, external link, images on the page, and word count.  not to mention, Page Authority​, Domain Authority, Semantic relevance, and Google Pagespeed insights score.  It also identifies the areas where you need to optimize as well as areas where you have over-optimized.    This is a wonderful tool for optimizing your on-page SEO, and seeing where your competitors edge you out.   Check it out here.

If you really want to pick apart your competitors’ SEO strategy completely, then you should try SEO PowerSuite. It has four powerful competitive research tools that help you get an edge over your competition:

  • Website Auditor – allows you to browse through competitors’ sites, listing potential problems and generating SEO reports that affect user experience and SEO.
  • LinkAssistant – helps you find link opportunities which you can use to build relationships.
  • Rank Tracker – assess your competitors’ domain strength and finds their keywords.
  • SEO SpyGlass – provides insight into your competitors’ linking strategies by with the help of backlink analysis.

similarweb logo

An accurate and trusted competitor analysis tool, SimilarWeb provides global rank, country rank, and category rank of a website. It is one of the oldest analysis tools that is used to maximize website traffic. Moreover, it also shows the number of users that have visited the website in the last six months with the help of a graph.   It also helps you discover other websites that you can also analyze!  ​They also have a free version.

Cocolyze is an SEO tool that measures your Google ranking. It keeps you updated by sending you weekly reports on the SEO activity of your website.

The dashboard makes it possible for you to find out the key metrics for your campaigns including a number of tracked keywords and average rank position in just a glance. Moreover, if you lose a position, the Cocolyze informs you exactly what has happened and how you can remedy it.

This tool allows you to follow your competitors’ Google ranking and find out whether they are using the same keywords that you are using.    You can also ​try it for 30 full days (no credit card required)

followerwonk logo

This tool analyzes any Twitter profile thus allowing you to boost your Twitter marketing strategy. It provides an extensive range of details such as locations, recent tweets, bios, and the authority of followers so that you can get an overall picture of the Twitter presence of your competitors.

Followerwonk helps you optimize your Twitter presence with the help of a comprehensive analysis of the competitors’ Twitter account. One of the most important tools of this research analysis is that it finds users with the help of keywords and compares those using metrics such as the language of the followers, age, and how authoritative and active they are.

Moreover, this tool allows you to view the progress of your authoritative, growing followers.   It does have a free version, but you can only connect one profile, and the options are limited compared to their paid versions.  However, you can get a plan for as cheap as $23/mo if paid yearly.  

fanpage karma logo

This effective tool is for competitor research via social sites.  It helps you monitor your website presence on Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can not only manage your own customer conversations but can also analyze competitors’ profiles.  

It helps you learn which types of posts are most popular, and helps you keep track of all your mentions, even on your mobile phone.  This is great for any negative feedback being publicly shared (so you can takle that right away), as well as letting you know of any positive comments as well.  

15. Simply Measured (by Sprout Social)


An excellent aggregator of raw data for social metrics, Simply Measured helps you track the progress of your competitor regarding traffic, branding, conversions, trends, and more. This efficient tool allows you access to 35 different reports on competitors with easy to use advanced analytics.

Competitor research tools are very important for the growth and success of your business 

​​These powerful tools can greatly help you with identifying opportunities, streamlin​ing your SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies, a​s well as help you correct your mistakes.  They also show you the position of your website within the SEO landscape of your specific niche market.

Your competitors’ SEO strategies result from years of hard work and investment.  With the above mentioned ​competitor analysis tools, you can not only save time and money, but you'll also get a ​major head start in the right direction.  Otherwise, you'd just be shooting arrows at the sky with no rhyme or reason.  (Trust me, I've been there, and it ended up being a huge waste of time!)

S​o, what tools are you using to ethically spy on your competitors' websites?  ​Drop a comment below.  I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

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