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20 Top List of Niches to Target in 2020

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Now you have made up your mind to become a digital entrepreneur. Yet, you have no ideas what the top niche markets are. You are not alone​, as coming up with a list of niches to target can be a daunting task!  Especially when starting a new blog.

Knowing the best niche is the first obstacle for many individuals that want to launch an online business. There are two options of choosing a niche. First, create a novel niche market and become the market leader in this market.

Two, take advantage of the well-researched niche markets. You can then choose the one that fits your passion and competence. I’ll recommend the second option. Come to think of it, why would you want to reinvent the wheel?  

Especially since you can explore the already established and proven niches.

In this blog, we will look at the top list of niches to target in 2019. However, before we do that, let us take a look at what makes a lucrative niche.

A niche market is all about exploiting the current needs of your target audience. If you sell what people want, they definitely will buy it. 

The first assignment in creating the best niches to target is to discover what people want; where they want it; and when they want it. People always have the disposable income to spend on things they love.

Your ability to discover those things is the first step to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

Now, you don’t have to do the hard work of researching all these yourself. It has already been done. All you have to do is explore each of them and see where your competence fits. 

Before we go ahead, I want you to know that these profitable niches have been compiled based on the search volume of potential targets. This is to let you know that these are indeed money makers, if you can apply yourself and be creative about them.

So, what makes up the best list of niches to target in 2019 for your online business?

Let’s get right into them!

​The Health Niche

The rave about health and fitness has continued to grow immensely. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest niche in the digital platform.

This niche has many other sub-niche ideas under it that you can also explore. Let us look at all these in detail.

​Weight loss Niche

Almost everyone wants to shed a pound or a hundred pounds.

This has made the search for information on weight loss to remain top on the chat. Besides looking for information on how to shed weight, people are also willing to pay for products that can help the weight loss process.

If you have content​ or products that can help people on this journey, you have landed a gold mine. This is not only about making money; you will be impacting lives in the process.

Insights from Ahrefs reveal some weight loss niches that have high search volumes. These include Detox diet, Keto diet, and Vegetarian diet, among others.

Nutritional Health Niche

Nutrition is different from weight loss. ​ Whether you are trying to lose weight or you are already in shape, you need to have a healthy body. It has to do with lifestyle and healthy choices.

You can provide information on healthy diet plans or you can share recipes. Other sub-niche ideas include affiliate marketing and networks. Here, you promote different supplements, recipe books, and other nutrition-related stuff.

​List of Niches (Physical) Supplements Niche

I’ve decided to treat this as a separate niche and not lump it with nutritional health. Supplements niche has to do with minerals and vitamins.

So, to run a business in this niche, you either provide information on supplements or you sell.

There are many affiliate programs that you can explore in this area. And trust me, there is money changing hands fast in this business niche.

Areas you can focus on include Kids’ nutrition, muscle building, dietary supplements, and vitamins.

​If you decide to sell your own brand of supplements, you could use a company like Vox Nutrition or NutraCap USA for private labeling.  

Once you have a line-up of supplements with your brand name, you can set up your own online store with Shopify, then start driving traffic (free and paid methods).

shopify store sell products online

Exercise Niche

Still on health and fitness niche, exercise also made it to the list of niche markets that is trendy in 2019. There are millions of people around the world who spend money on exercise equipment.

They also pay to learn the best ways to exercise. If you have a thing for exercise, you might want to explore this area. You might also check out some well-paying affiliate programs that you can sign up for. Sub-niche ideas include Aerobics, weight lifting, yoga, stretching, martial arts, and jogging.

​Language Niche

This is also one of the best niches to target for 2019. People love to learn new things, language inclusive. English is no longer the language of the world. Schools have begun to teach other languages.

These include Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, among others. This means there is a ready-market for online language coaching, language tuition software.

​Outdoor Recreation Niche

People love outdoor life; camping, nature, and what have you. You can explore this niche through E-commerce, Adsense, and affiliate marketing. For e-commerce, you can sell products in your shop through WooCommerce or Shopify.

Many people are making cool money from Adsense in the outdoor recreation niche today. You can place Google adverts on your site and let the money keep rolling in. Some areas in this business include camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and survival.

​Sports Niche

Irrespective of your location in the world, this niche is an integral part of any culture. There are sports fans everywhere.

You can gain a strong follower base by creating a platform for a sports team, league, or sports generally. You can also sign up for an affiliate program that promotes sports jerseys, books, and apparel.

​Real Estate Niche

Real estate niche is huge and there is a great opportunity to monetize your site through this. Real estate agents are looking for exposure and this offers great potentials for you. You can make money from this niche by displaying ads.

You can sign up for affiliate marketing programs, and also earn a commission for the referral.

​Pets Niche

The pets’ niche has huge potentials for different types of niche businesses. Animals have become a part of human life. In fact, some people don’t bother about having kids but rather raise pets instead.

There is so much you can do in this niche. For instance, you can start a site about chew toys for dogs, or how to care for exotic birds. You can also launch a niche site about a particular breed of dog or cat.

​Relationships and Dating Niche

dating niche market list

Online dating has come a long way and there is a huge market to explore in this niche. You could decide to write a book on dating and publish it on Amazon Kindle platform.

You could also launch a dating site targeting a particular niche of people. There is so much you can do in this market niche. And your ability to be creative will pave ways for you in this niche.

​Babies Niche

The market for baby-centric products and services is getting bigger each day. The interesting thing for this niche is that new parents are always ready to spend on their babies.

So, if you decide to explore this niche, you are in for some serious profit. You could start a blog focused on first time mom and dad, or a site dedicated to baby names. You could also start a blog on the adoption process in countries of the world.

There is so much you could do in this area.

​Personal Finance Niche

The harsh economic terrain has taught many people of the need to make smart plans for the future. The government is no longer capable of protecting its citizens from financial hardship. This means the responsibility lies in an individual’s hands.

Interestingly, the harsh economic terrain has opened doors of opportunities for many services. Today, people are looking for ways to diversify their income, increase personal income and control their expenditures.

There are a lot of sub-niche ideas that you can explore under personal finance. You can offer financial coaching service or launch an informational site on budgeting. The list of ideas is endless.

​Loan and Financing Niche

Many people dream of owning a home, going to the university, purchasing a car, start a business and the list goes on. You can create a niche for your business in helping others find the right loans for anything.

You can explore different areas under loan and financing. This includes student loan refinance, low-interest loans, mortgage help, mortgage refinance, and commercial loans.

​Alcohol Niche

homebrew alcohol niche markets

The alcohol niche also falls under the top profitable niches for 2019. From time immemorial, people have been creating fermented beverages.

This market is huge and there are different ways of making money from it. You can sign up for affiliate marketing programs like online stores, beer clubs, and wine clubs.

You could also consider Adsense and E-commerce. You may also focus on a closer niche rather than the broad alcohol niche, such as home brewing or wine making.

​Cooking and Cuisine Niche

If you don’t believe that this niche is a top deal, you might want to check Pinterest. You will see how passionate people are about cooking and trying out new recipes.

There are different ways you can take advantage of this. For one, you can sign up for an affiliate program and promote cooking and baking recipes and books. You could also sell your own cookbook or products.

Some sub-niches you can explore include Recipes and Cookbooks, Breakfast, Vegetarian, Exotic/Specialty, Health/Diet, and Foreign.

​Vacation and Beaches Niche

white sand beach

The number one vacation spot around the world is the beaches. People from all over the world visit beaches all through the year. You can provide information about beaches around the world or sell beach accessories.

You will generate high traffic to your site and monetize the sites by displaying ads. Other sub-niche ideas under vacation include local attractions, vacation spots, Area Beaches, Seaside bars and restaurants, and Resorts/spas, among others.

​Entertainment Niche

We all love entertainment. People spend billions on entertainment every year, so you can never go wrong in this business.

You can focus on movies, music, sports, video games, Netflix, wrestling, dance, series, and so on. How do you monetize this? You can display ads or sign up for an affiliate program. Some of these affiliate programs offer games, paid TV, and entertainment subscription packages.

Online Marketing Niche

This is one of the most profitable niches in all the businesses that I have mentioned so far. There are many new businesses online that need mentoring. Some of these people are willing to pay money for professional mentoring and advice.

You can launch a website where you create and sell online resources, courses, and tools. You can also join an affiliate program and promote online marketing tools.

​Education and Trade Niche

People are always looking for information about specific skills or education. You can provide this service and make money from it.

You can explore affiliate marketing programs from different educational service providers. You can also display ads for them.


There! I’ve shared my top twenty list of niches to target in 2019. ​ While this list barely scratches the surface, hopefully it will give you some ideas on which niches to add to your list.  Have you started your own niche blog yet?  Learn how to start a niche blog here.

What​ list of niches have you found to be your favorite?  Drop a comment below!  

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