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25 Types of Blog Posts Ideas to Drive More Traffic

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25 blog post ideas to bring traffic

So, you're in need of some fresh types of blog post ideas that you can write about.

You've started your blog​ging journey, but you can’t seem to quite figure out the right topics to keep your visitors glued to your blog.  

Not only that, just having a list of keyword phrases to target just isn’t enough to go on. Especially if every blog post is written in the same exact style anyways! 

You need some fresh flavor in that hot pocket!

(Queue in my head… “♫ Hot Pockets.. ♫ ”) 

Well, it happens to the best of bloggers. So, you don’t have to beat yourself up for it. 

To help you get out of the writer’s block mode, I have detailed some blog ideas that will drive more traffic to your blog. Now, these are not blog topics in themselves.

Remember, you can work out any keywords you’re trying to target in to just about any one of these types of blog posts.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of these popular blog post ideas and customize them to suit your creative needs.  Simply add your personal flair to each style of blog content to make them appealing enough for your audience to stick around, and come back!  

Let’s dig right into it!

1. How To Guide Style Blog Posts

These are about the simplest blog ideas you can start work on right away. They are easy to develop because they revolve around things you are familiar with.

Plus, you can find content on them easily. It is important that you break things down into simple terms and easy-to-follow steps when writing your how-to guide.  

An example of this is my how to start a blog post.  I tried to break it down into easy steps, without going too crazy, but enough that it’s easy enough for a beginner to follow.

That being said, you should never take anything for granted. Don’t just assume that your readers already know what you are talking about, and can read in-between the lines.

It is a how-to guide after all. It has to be as basic and simple as possible.  The worst thing you can do is leave any of your readers completely confused as to what you’re trying to say.

2. Controversial Topics Blog Posts

No doubt, controversial topics are interesting. Yet, you have to be creative in choosing your topics and perspectives. Research controversial topics and choose the ones that interest you most.

Make sure your topics can generate conversation. (Which is the whole point of this style of blog post anyways)

Also, remember that controversial topics can be quite emotional for some people. You should be careful about your choice of words so you don’t come out  on the wrong foot.

3. Type of Blog Post #3 - Inspirational Stories

Sure, controversial topics sell, but so do inspirational topics. People are going through a myriad of life’s problems at any given time.  Heck, we all are in some degree or another.

You can use this as an opportunity for your blog to inspire them. For instance, you could share some amazing news about a major breakthrough you had, talk about how you got through a major crisis at work, or how something had improved your health or life in general.

You can talk about how you dealt with a health issue or marriage breakup etc...

There is so much you can do with inspirational stories to get your blog visitors coming back for more.  

When I was at Funnel hacking Live 2019 in Nashville, I’d say about 80% of the speakers on stage had a story to tell about how they overcame something before becoming successful.  

If you have your own back story, share it with your audience!  These types of inspirational stories make a great style of blog post to write about on your blog.

4. Latest Business News Style Posts

Business people have something in common as far as their morning routine is concerned.  Like clockwork, I’d say just about all business people go through the news online and keep up with the latest news and trends in their given industry.

You can take advantage of this on your blog. Research about the most recent news and events in your industry and write about them.

Now, don’t just report the news. Add your personal opinion and make it unique. You may even link to the news source if you think it is fine.  It’s a great way to come up with an idea if you’re really hitting a wall.

5. Write About Current Events 

This is a general version of the business news. Current events have to do with the latest happenings around you. What are people talking about? Find the latest news and blog about it.  

Is it something that you could see a group of office workers gathering around the water cooler to discuss?  Then it's probably a great blog post idea to write about!

Current events range from movies and entertainment news, to political stuff and trending topics. The amazing thing about blogging on current events, is that the news is already viral.

People have already formed their own opinions on the topic, which opens it up for discussion.  Once again, be careful not to offend too many people. Your thoughts and perspective on the current events may even end up being shared and going somewhat viral itself!

6. Problems and Solutions - Easy Types of Blog Posts to Write!

I can’t think of anyone (Unless they have no internet access) who doesn’t go online to search for solutions to specific problems they are having.

New problems are cropping up everyday on many aspects of life. You can take advantage of this, and provide solutions to the problems on your blog.

What problems do you have solutions to?

Blog about it and see traffic build on your blog site.  Not sure still?  Check out Quora.com to see what problems people are having on topics related to your blog.

7. Checklists - Create a Reference List

People are always looking for checklists on different things.   Interestingly, these types of blog posts are the simplest to write.

blogging checklist image

We all make lists all the time, ranging from to-do lists to supplies lists, and grocery lists. Use this concept to develop new blog post ideas for your blog.

If you are a wedding planner, develop a checklist for the wedding reception. Break down activities into simple actionable points. This will make your checklist simple and straightforward.

8. Infographics - Design Heavy Style of Blog Posts that Bring​ in More Website Traffic!

Everyone loves infographics. From lists and charts, to facts and myths, there is a lot to explore and convert into infographics.

A well designed graphic looks best. However, you can also create great content by developing a PowerPoint chart. All you need is to make it as simple and easy-to-understand as possible.

There are various online tools that can help you perfect the creation of your charts. Examples include Visage, Canva, and Piktochart.   

Or, if you have the raw data, go to fiverr.com and find an infographic freelancer to make your data into an awesome infographic. 

If it’s good enough, people will WANT to share it, and it could go viral.  (Meaning MEGA Traffic to your blog!)  Plus posting infographics on Pinterest can help you out even more!

9. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions Posts

FAQs make for great blog posts ideas. This is because these are information that people are already looking for. Find topics you are familiar with and create FAQs and answers on them.

FAQ blogging ideas

You may want to make it into a series by breaking the questions into bits. As long as you are providing real answers to the FAQs, you will have people coming back to your blog for more answers. 

FAQs will give you great content to post, and it will also be good for SEO.  

If any of your readers ever asks you a question, whether in the comments section, or via email, add it to your FAQ!

10. Case Studies - Highlight ​Your Students, Customers, or Yourself in This Style Blog Post

We all love to read stories about situations familiar to us. Case studies are pretty simple to develop and they can make for a great proof element.

You can develop case studies about your customers' experiences, or your own.   Talk about how they (or you) have used your products, services, or methods and the results that came from it.

To write a case study, talk to your best customers. Get their testimonials about how your product or service has helped them. Then share these on your blog.

With this, you create fresh blog post content, as well as generate more business as a result.

11. Interviews - Powerful Blog Post Idea by Leveraging Expertise of Others

Network with industry leaders whom you believe will be of  interest to your readers and interview them.

You don’t need hours to carry out an interview, unless you want to.  There are really 2 ways you can handle the interview process.

You can actually get them face to face with you on video, complete a full interview, and then have it transcribed later.

(this is the best option, because you’ll also have something to give away as a lead magnet or free bonus, as well as a video that you could share on youtube)

The other option, is to simply send a simple questionnaire to them and get their answers. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The interview can center around their business experience,  insights, and expertise. Basically, you can interview them about anything that your readers will find interesting.  

These types of blog posts, you can write easily since the only creative content you’re having to come up with are the questions themselves!

12. Profile Leaders as Blog Content - Great Idea / Style of Blog Post Benefiting Both Parties!

This is something between a case study and an interview. You can create a profile post on anybody.

You may choose to write a profile post on a thought leader, or an industry leader. You may also profile some up-and-coming entrepreneurs or better yet, your customers.

In fact, you can do a profile of anyone. The profile post should provide interesting information such as biography, and business experience.

You can also talk about major attributes about them. You should also include the reasons why you have chosen to write about them.  This can benefit both you and them since they will get free exposure, and you’re getting more great content to share on your blog.

13.  Product or Service Review Post - Awesome Type of Blog Post to Write for Traffic and Rapport!

review style blog posts

People always look for reviews before buying anything online. So, why not create reviews about specific products or services that you’ve recently bought.

You can also write a review about any product that you have used present or past. Then give your 100% honest opinion about the pros and cons of the product.  

Review posts can bring in a lot of traffic, especially if you structure it in a way that answers all of the top questions people have related to that product.  

Once again, either do some keyword research, or go back to Quora.com and search for the product name, and see what questions people are having.  

Then simply answer them in your review post.  You’ll get targeted traffic in no time!

Plus, if it’s a good product that you actually recommend, you can check to see if there is an affiliate program for it.  

This way, you can send people through your unique link and get a commission for your hard work explaining the pros and cons.  It’s a win-win.

14. Comparison Blog Posts - Great Idea to Compliment Review Posts!

If you are already doing a review post, it makes sense to have a comparison post as well.

You might want to provide alternatives to the product or service you have reviewed. We all like options when buying things, so why not do the leg work for your visitors?

Provide them with information on alternative products or services.

They will love you for it and keep coming back. Here, you don’t have to provide as much in-depth information on the products that you are comparing.  A comparison chart and a few good points should be plenty.

15. SlideShare and Presentations Blog Posts

You can also create an interesting SlideShare or PowerPoint presentation on topics that pique your interest.

Check the SlideShare platform to get inspiration and see what other people have created. Remember, all you need is interesting content that your readers would want to read.

You don't have to have the best-looking presentation out there

16. Vlogging - Video Style of Blog Posts - Leverage Video and Written Content

vlog post idea

Video blogging is becoming very popular now and you can tap into the trend to drive traffic to your blog site. Vlogs give you the freedom to discuss different topics with minimal efforts.

Rather than spend time to write a blog post, add images, and use special formatting styles, you can put up your webcam and talk straight with your audience.  

However, for blog content specifically, you should have both.  Post your video inside your blog post, and write out the same content into text.  

I mean, why waste your awesome content from being read by search engines.  You’d be depriving yourself of extra search traffic to your blog.

17. Podcasts - Add This Style of Blog Post with Just a Microphone

If you don’t want to do videos, you can consider going for a podcast. You can create a series of podcasts and upload them onto your blog.

You can start off with simple short audio recordings on topics of interest. This will enable you to see how the idea resonates with your visitors. Afterwards, you can do a full-blown podcasts posts.  

As always, you should also have your podcasts transcribed like I mentioned in the vlog section above.

18. Funny Posts - HAHA LOL

funny blogging memes images

Sometimes, life can get too serious.  Heck, your blog may even be too serious at times.   So, why not lighten the mood by injecting humor into your blog with a funny blog post?

This will provide the much-needed dose of good mood.  There are many ways you can inject comedy into your blog posts.  For one, you could write a parody post that will make people laugh or smile.

As long as you are creative about it, you’ll be fine and your audience will be waiting for your next post.

For example, say you have a travel blog, and your audience loves the beach.  Something like ‘10 Reasons why you should never visit white sandy beaches’ may be the post to get the attention of your reader.

white sand beach

Everyone wants to go to the beach, especially a white sandy one!

Now, you have developed 10 reasons why people should NEVER visit white sandy beaches. What do you think will happen? You guess right!

You will experience high traffic on your blog site.   You just need to make each of the 10 reasons a funny play on each. One just off the top of my head would be something like:

  1. Sand is too grainy and could get under your toe nail!

  2. “Fishy’s are slimey!” Barfo!

Okay, those were HORRIBLE examples, I know, I know..  But I think you get the idea. If I was making one of these styles of blog posts, I’d take my time and really get creative with my writing.  

Or better yet, add some hilarious memes related to your niche or industry to really get the share juice flowing from your audience!

19. Polls and Surveys

You can do a survey or a poll for many different things. Is there a product you have recently introduced?

You can get people’s rating and perception of the product. You can also do a poll on trendy issues and get your audience talking. There are different online survey tools that you can embed on your site to do the survey.  

20. Quizzes

People love quizzes. We all take time off work once in a while to answer interesting quizzes.

Quizzes make us feel cool and smart. Why not create an interesting quiz for your audience? To make it go viral, include a social share on the quiz results to enable others to see it and join the conversation.  

For these, if you’re using Thrive Themes and plugins like I am, you can use Thrive Quiz Builder for this purpose (Part of Thrive Themes Plugins)

21. Resources

You can provide resources to help your reader. We all like to discover the best way to get things done. So why not compile a resource list and share with your reader.

Resources range from website links, tool sets, and books, among other anything. As long as it’s providing genuine help, people will want to read it. 

You might want to give a rationale for recommending the resources.  Compiling great resources can take a lot of time and energy, so your blog readers will love you for putting everything in a single blog post for them to reference.  

Resource posts are a great type of blog post to write, and it can be about virtually anything.

22. Twitter ​Trends Blog Posts​ Ideas

What is trending on Twitter? Comb through TwitterSphere and check out what is popular and trendy. You can create a blog post on such trendy topics within minutes.

You can even embed popular tweets and offer your opinions on them.  Simple, yet effective!

23. Conference Posts

When you attend any conference, create a post about the highlights of the event or seminar. Write about the keynote speakers and highlight their key points.

You may also feel compelled to give short summaries of their speeches. You can also elaborate on questions that they left in your mind.

In case you find tweets or public Facebook posts about the conference, embed them in your post.

24. Rants - A Good Blog Post Idea? Tread Carefully When Writing Rant Style Blog Posts...

Beyond providing information for your reader, you can also rant about something. Vent and speak up on any societal or personal issues.   

Just like I mentioned before about “controversial topics” style blog posts, before you rant, remember that whatever you post online remains online.

So you might want to consider the extent you are willing to go in starting a controversy before you rant online.  I’ve seen people dig their own grave from ranting too hard.

Personally, I say to leave the rants at home, but if done right, you can get an insane amount of engagement.  I’ll leave that one for you to decide!

25. Share Travel Experiences

If you love visiting new places, then talk about it! Give your readers the opportunity to experience new destinations with you through your blog content.

Make it conversational. Make it feel like you are sharing your latest travel experience with a real friend.

Talk about the attractions of the places you’ve been to, and share your experiences with the food, hotels, and anything else that tickles your fancy.  

Well, maybe not the tickle part...


Now that you have ideas on how to generate content ideas for your blog posts, go ahead and let your creative juices start flowing.

Question: What other styles or types of blog posts have you used when looking for ideas to write about on your blog?

Please share in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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